PLATFORM_ HQ | How to overcome the current industry hurdles?
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How to overcome the current industry hurdles?

Investment Property Forum Seminar held at Addleshaw Goddard on 12 October 2016.

Chair and Speaker:
Jean-Marc Vandevivere, Member of the IPF Residential Interest Group and IPF Strategic Advisory Group

Michela Hancock, Greystar
Martijn Vos, APG Asset Management
Becky Thomson, RICS
Zeinab Azadi, MSCI

Outline: Following the launch event for the IPF’s briefing paper, ‘Mind the viability gap: Achieving more large-scale build-to-rent housing’ in January, the IPF Residential Special Interest Group has been considering other hurdles to the development of a large-scale PRS market in the UK. This seminar will look at three such hurdles:

• Different valuation methodologies co-existing within PRS
• Requirement for a widely-adopted Index
• Requirement for professional management capabilities

The speaker and panellists outlined what is currently being done to address these and discussed what more needs to be done.

If you would like to be involved in the future discussions mentioned in this seminar, please contact the IPF’s Chief Executive, Sue Forster

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