PLATFORM_ HQ | Build to Rent Schemes in Crawley and Stevenage appoint Henry Construction as main contractor
Westrock has appointed Henry Construction as main contractor for two of England’s first regional housing developments designed for rent build. The developer and operator is one of the first build to rent businesses in Britain to focus on employment hubs right across the country. Its projects in Crawley and Stevenage are seeking to appeal to major employers around Gatwick airport in West Sussex such as Easyjet and pharmaceutical giants GSK, who are based near the Hertfordshire town.
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Investment Property Forum Seminar held at Addleshaw Goddard on 12 October 2016. Chair and Speaker: Jean-Marc Vandevivere, Member of the IPF Residential Interest Group and IPF Strategic Advisory Group Panel: Michela Hancock, Greystar Martijn Vos, APG Asset Management Becky Thomson, RICS Zeinab Azadi, MSCI Outline: Following the launch event for the IPF’s briefing...